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Convenient Corner Storage

Corner cabinets encompass a surprising amount of space on the interior and Kitchen Experts offers several ingenious accessories so that every inch of that space is accessible and convenient.  Turntables are a traditional solution and ours spin smoothly and effortlessly.  Swiveling shelves and gliding trays also offer clever options for cavernous corner cabinets, so that the items stored in the cabinet glide out for easy access.

convenient corner storage01

Swing Out Wire Baskets

Wisely use the storage space within our large corner cabinets with our convenient swing-out wire baskets.

convenient corner storage02

Pivot Corner Shelves

These uniquely-shaped shelves pivot and glide out of the cabinet for complete access to items stored in the farthest corners.

convenient corner storage03

Turntable Shelves

Our giant turntable shelves swivel inside the cabinet and utilize valuable storage space.

convenient corner storage04

A corner wall cabinet is an ideal location for a stack of convenient turntables.

convenient corner storage05

Two half-circle shelves pivot and pull-out for convenient access.