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Cutlery should be stored in a safe place away from little fingers and organized in individual slots to keep blades sharp.  Our pull-outs take advantage of small kitchen spaces and can be ideally located near the food prep area.  Drawers can include a slotted knife block or our specialized insert which has individual carved compartments for each knife.  Kitchen Experts offers a variety of cutlery storage accessories in drawers and pull-outs for the method that best suits your kitchen storage needs.


In this two-tier cutlery drawer, silverware is organized on top and the J.A. HenckelsĀ® knives are tucked discreetly and safely below.  The carved cutlery insert is designed specifically for the Henckels knife set from Kitchen Experts.


(for the Henckels knives) and a slotted knife holder for a set of steak knives.


A pull-out knife block next to the hood is a convenient place to organize a cutlery set.


A slotted Drawer Knife Holder keeps blades sharp, while a chop block is conveniently located in the adjacent drawer.  The chopping block has storage space below and is removable from the drawer for countertop use.


The slotted knife holder can be hidden below a two-tier cutlery tray for maximum drawer use.