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Traditionally, plateware and glassware are stored in the upper cabinets near a sink or dishwasher.  That location continues to work well for most applications, but there are several other options to store plateware within easier reach and easier access.  Our open plate rack cabinet creates an attractive display with colorful plateware. Or consider any of our popular drawer plate racks that store heavy dishware below the countertop. Seeing these new and unique ways of storing plateware may inspire you to udpate your kitchen to include one of these plate storage options.


Drawer Plate Rack

Drawer Plate Rack is a convenient location and a unique way to store an entire set of dishware.


Tall Tambour Cabinet

Tall Tambour Cabinet provides centralized storage while adjustable shelves are precisely positioned for maximum kitchen organization.


Plate Rack Cabinet

A decorative plate rack cabinet in the kitchen displays your beautiful dishware.


Dish Storage Drawer

Kitchen Experts dish storage drawer offers a convenient location below the countertop for stacks of plates and bowls.