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Silverware and Utensils

“A place for everything and everything in its place.”  This popular saying perfectly sums up the convenient storage solutions available for your Kitchen Experts cabinetry.  Our divided trays, two-tier trays and drawer partitions allow you to segment a drawer for optimal organization and efficiency.  Silverware and kitchen utensils are essential tools for every kitchen and when drawers are organized and neatly divided for each utensil, your entire kitchen will be more streamlined and functional.


Wide drawers can be divided with a partition to accommodate two accessories; a cutlery tray on the left with partitioned utensil storage on the right.


Wide drawers are ideal for our Deluxe Drawer Organizer which includes a cutlery divider, slotted knife holder and 6 stainless steel spice jars.


Maximize drawer space with a Two-Tier Wood Cutlery Tray to organize silverware and utensils on two levels within the drawer.


A simple Cutlery Divider keeps silverware and utensils separated and organized.


Drawer partitions can be specified to divide a drawer based on your personal preferences.