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Sink Storage and Recycling

The highest traffic zone in the entire house, especially around dinner time, is the kitchen sink.  Kitchen Experts provides a tantalizing array of accessories to streamline, organize and maximize the kitchen sink and under sink area so that every square inch is fully utilized.  Our pull-out caddy for cleaning supplies detaches for portable use around the house.  That cavernous area under the sink can be outfitted with tiered shelves and racks, while the cabinet next to the sink can be specified with a double pull-out for trash and recycling bins.

sink storage and recycling01

A convenient pull-out with double bins for trash and recycling is one of Kitchen Experts most popular kitchen cabinets.

sink storage and recycling02

Organize cleaning supplies in our convenient pull-out caddy with a detachable, portable basket that you can keep under the sink.

sink storage and recycling03

A convenient storage rack on the cabinet door organizes cleaning supplies.

sink storage and recycling04

Scrub brushes are tucked away neatly and can dry overnight in this tip-down kitchen sink tray.

sink storage and recycling05

This thin, pull-out next to the sink has a towel rod so dish towels can dry after use.

sink storage and recycling06

A two-tiered shelf provides extra storage on either side of the plumbing fixtures.